Showcasing Initiatives by Nigerians in Diaspora

ARISENIGERIA is launching a new page on its website to showcase initiatives by individual Nigerians in the Diaspora to support key sectors in Nigeria.

The first case to be presented is an initiative by a London-based couple to support primary education in a rural community in Southern Nigeria.

We invite people to send in to us reports of such endeavours for publication on the site. Our preference is to have a short report with photographic evidence and links (if any) to external websites. The report should detail what was done, how it was done and any tips for others wishing to do similar activities. Current challenges can also be included. The report should cover the following areas:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Enlightenment - Politics & Governance
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Micro-Finance & Industry
  • Manpower Development

The objective for this page is to present examples of ‘good practice’ to encourage and challenge all Nigerians to consider how they can use their knowledge, contacts and resources to support the development of Nigeria.

No activity is too small to undertake.  Anything that enables others to become better able to take care of themselves and contribute to the economy is a contribution to the development of Nigeria.

Saving Nigeria by Nigerians in the Diaspora - Solomon Adun Asemota (SAN)

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Change Agents and Ideas Seminar Series Powered by Arisenigeria and Edo Okpamakhin.


Permit me to thank those who have made it possible for me to meet Nigerians in the Diaspora in the hope that you will analyze the substance of this discussion with a view to restoring the position of Nigeria in world affairs, as it was in 1975. Let me say that I am not a member of any political party in Nigeria or anywhere else. I am also not in the employment of the Federal, State or Local Governments, or any Board of a parastatal. I am a Legal practitioner in private practice that was called to the Inner Bar in 1986. I belong to The Patriots, a body of Elder Statesmen convened by Chief F.R.A. Williams of blessed memory with Professor Ben Nwabueze as the current Chairman. I am part of the Nigerian elite but not an oligarch. The difference will be made very clear in the course of this presentation.

Supporting Primary Education in Nigeria

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Ohe Primary SchoolSince 2008, Ifeanyi Ochei and his wife Omolara have been helping support primary education in Ugbodu, a quiet rural village in Delta State of Nigeria. In Ugbodu, the majority of its adult population are occupied in farming and market trading.

They have awarded scholarships to indigent pupils and provided educational resources for the primary school in the village. The resources include teaching aids, reference books, notebooks, textbooks and writing materials for the pupils. With some of this material, they have facilitated the creation of a Resource Centre in the school.  They have also recently organised a link between the school, Ohe Primary School, Ugbodu and a London primary school (Michael Faraday School).