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The Peoples’ News is a journalistic board or forum for Nigerians especially at home to send regular news reports or events as they happen in their localities. This is a unique platform to empower the ordinary Nigerian and encourage them to begin to take ownership of the Nigerian Dream. Our promise is simple - "you send it we publish it" – as long as it contributes to the elevation of our common dream for a peaceful and prosperous country.

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51 Gov. Fashola arrests Army Colonel for driving on BRT bus lane 4584
52 Nigeria: The Humorous Nation on Earth - “Umbrerra is now a Permanent Secretary." 1324
53 Shocking: A Nigerian In Austria Brutalised By The Police, Now On Crutch. To Lose His €80,000 Flats and His €73.360 Cash To His Bank 5199
55 The REAL Subsidy Scam! by Olusegun Adeniyi 1010
56 The Quality of a Good Politician in a Democratic Society 870
57 Jonathan and Assets Declaration: By Olusegun Adeniyi 1029
58 WARRI, NIGERIA – Former Militants Frustrated, Unemployed 1553
59 North, Reps forced Jonathan to sack Azazi, Defence Minister — Investigation. 1246
60 Govt Writes US Over Possible Strikes On Nigerian Soil 1492