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The Peoples’ News is a journalistic board or forum for Nigerians especially at home to send regular news reports or events as they happen in their localities. This is a unique platform to empower the ordinary Nigerian and encourage them to begin to take ownership of the Nigerian Dream. Our promise is simple - "you send it we publish it" – as long as it contributes to the elevation of our common dream for a peaceful and prosperous country.

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41 African viewpoint: Can Nigeria's police force be trusted? - BBC 1434
42 Ghana cancels policy on $300,000 base for Nigerian traders 1299
43 Bakassi declares independence, hoists flag; Takes destiny into their hands 958
44 President Mills Goes Home 10th August 2012 – Ghana Chronicle 841
45 A Rejoinder to Branson's View On Nigeria's Political Elites 943
46 Jamaica celebrates Independence Day with Olympic glory - BBC 568
47 Violate traffic laws in Lagos, go to jail *As Fashola signs road traffic bill into law 1860
48 African Governments Criticized for Indifference Towards Chinese Abuses 999
49 Arisenigeria celebrates with Nigerian born Mayor of Enfield Kate Anolue. 1103
50 10 Nigerian Billionaire Oil Tycoons To Watch 23965