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The Peoples’ News is a journalistic board or forum for Nigerians especially at home to send regular news reports or events as they happen in their localities. This is a unique platform to empower the ordinary Nigerian and encourage them to begin to take ownership of the Nigerian Dream. Our promise is simple - "you send it we publish it" – as long as it contributes to the elevation of our common dream for a peaceful and prosperous country.

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21 Nigeria accused of abuses in Boko Haram fight 1401
22 Nigerians top list of private jet owners in Africa. Spends N1.30tr in seven years on executive jets 9641
23 Part One: Solar Energy Illuminates Darkest Parts of Africa - VOA 1279
24 Saving The Lives Of Women And Children By Goodluck Jonathan and Jens Stoltenberg 733
25 Flood relief fund or national cake? 2781
26 Awolowo Speaks From The Grave, Replies Achebe, Says I Am Not A War Criminal…Ojukwu And His Men Stole Food Meant For The People. 2130
27 There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra by Chinua Achebe – Review. 1996
28 Shuttered Airk Air Accuses Aviation Minister of Demanding 5% Share 976
29 Senators, Reps tear N5000 note into pieces … ask Jonathan to stop CBN governor 1630
30 Lagos to ban smoking in public places 24219