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Worlwide Volunteer RecruitmentWe have been inundated with request for membership across the globe. A summary of your opinions were: this is an excellent idea, this is what our leaders need, let’s change Nigeria, well-done guys we like what you are doing and so on. Frankly, these words are very complimentary and inspiring but there are not getting at what we really intended to achieve; we wanted everyone to carry on with this initiative from the estuaries, creeks, hamlets, villages and LGAs. Challenge the enemies of change and refuse to work with them. Arisenigeria is a consciousness every progressive Nigerian should belong to because it is a way of life that will build a better future for the next generation. However, we are calling on those who made enquiries and others thinking of getting in touch with us to start a volunteer group. Please follow this guide.

Volunteer recruitment can be one of the most challenging and most rewarding parts of putting on an event or starting a movement. Reach out to people of different ages, genders and faiths; people who have a common view on international and national issues. Bringing diverse people together for a common cause is one of the best ways to strengthen a community and give credibility to any project. Below are some suggestions on how to recruit volunteers.

Recruitment is a Team Effort: You must identify 2-5 people called Arisers who belong to the same school of thought for a start. As time progresses expand membership to 20; though certain criteria should meet your requirement, admit only those without ulterior motives. When your group reaches this target – replicate a new group. You may decide then to form a network of groups with common origin to share resources. Use your network to build a believers’ group i.e. those who believe in the idea of the Nigerian Dream. Spread your search across these windows of your contacts: mutual friends, co-workers, acquaintances, journalists, volunteers from another organisations, student union activists, labour union, civil societies/associations, religious organizations etc. Make sure to confirm that Arisers have the time to commit to the project.

Set Goals: Work with your team to set your local projection plans and liaise with the Chief Operating Officer for some guide though we will constantly update you on any issue on our website. However Goals should tie in tune with the arisenigeria ideology and philosophy.

In some of your engagement/activities Use “The Three ‘C’s” to work backwards and figure out how many people need to commit to attend. The “C” planning strategy:

  • Committed members: In order to get the number of volunteers to actually show up, how many people need to commit to attend? In general, expect that about 60% of the people who commit to attend will actually show up.
  • Conversations: In order to get that number of volunteers to commit to attend, how many people need to be spoken to? To plan you recruiting efforts, expect that 30% of the people you talk with will be able to commit to attending the event. Please note: this is a guide for planning purposes, but do not count on commitments unless the person you talk to says he or she will participate, and you have confirmed this with them at a later date.
  • Calls: In order to talk to that many people, how many calls need to be made? In most cases expect to call 10 people in order to actually speak to three people on the phone.

I believe there are other non traditional ways to achieve this. It may include emails, letters and text messages.

Initial Planning and Set-Up

Assign Roles and Responsibilities for Leadership Team: Establish a leadership team that will plan and run the group, it is important you know that you are coordinating a consciousness of a broader organisation and therefore your branch philosophy should be in line with that of the parent organisation. Consequently, it should operate with a management set up for smooth running. Create a list of leadership roles and responsibilities necessary to plan and run the organisation. Assign specific tasks and outcomes for each leadership position so that all team members understand their responsibilities and expectations. Keep in mind that the titles of the roles are not as important as the responsibilities and tasks being completed

Be Enthusiastic: The Arisers will only be as excited as you are organizing and running the event. It is important that the team work together to create a positive and fun environment. If a problem does arise, avoid expressing anxiety just stay positive and troubleshoot.

Make it Inspiring: Often times, what motivates participants to attend a service project are not the task itself, but the interaction with other volunteers (people they’ve never met before) and the purpose and inspiration behind the project.  Share the Nigerian Dream, Ask some hypothetical questions and run a SWOT analysis of our country and others we are aspiring to be like. The football team where we have 11 players is a good example, it is the skills of these individuals and the guidance of the coach that matters not the name of the country.

Funding: You must plan fund raising activities to fund most of your activities locally. Members should give voluntary donations at the slightest convenience and team should seek credible ways in sourcing and raising funds locally and we suggest a bank account is opened to facilitate this. The coordinator and one other member shall be signatory to the account. In future we will be seeking assistance from Funding bodies local and international to help with our projects.

The Project: The Nigerian Dream is generally referred as “The project”; there are a thousand and one activities that can be explored within the project. Basically we should always remember this don’t fix the blames; fix the problem.

If we are able to do this; 2011 election will be exceptional because the politicians can’t fool everyone.

It is our time, Let us rise up again!

Best Wishes!

Charles Eze

Chief Operating Officer



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