A bad military administration is worse than a raging, uncontrollable mob and an armed robber. In politics, he destroys and kills and guards himself with his arms. In social systems, he destroys and demolishes and stands armed on the tower ready for the worst to happen to whosoever may lift up his voice or his head...

Gen Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria's former military ruler and later civilian President; In his book - "This Animal Called man".

Community Leader

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The true definition of a community leader is spelt below; we have them in our streets, villages, schools, offices, communities, all over the world. They know how to move things and get things done ironically they are never given the chance.

In the context of the present political structure in Nigeria basically these individuals are shielded from achieving or gaining National relevance for lack of God-fathers and sponsors.  This practice can only be destroyed and eliminated from our society when you decide to stand behind them; arisenigeria will give them all the necessary support that will make the Nigerian Dream realizable. These are the people who are making the society and communities function; they are the Dream leaders or Champions of our communities. If there is anyone in your community; man, woman, boy, girl or responsible adult that meets the qualities of the Dream Leader, see below, send their profile.

For us to have credible candidates, we may require some supporting evidences with your entries. Checks will also be conducted.

 The Arise Dream Leader

  • Dynamic: Must possess vigor and is in a hurry for change
  • Creative/Innovative: Must be influenced by inner calling and seek out new ways of meeting today’s World.
  • Trendy: Must be in touch with generation next; know and feel their cravings. They must be willing to see Nigeria in the 21st century and beyond.
  • IT compliance: No one can really make a difference in today’s World if s/he is not computer literate. S/he must share views online with the wider community. Where there is a strong conviction for leadership potential such individuals will be giving the opportunity to become IT trained.
  • Knowledgeable: Must be informed and intelligent; should be educated and deep
  • Daring: S/he must stand up on what s/he believes will favour the masses no matter the consequence
  • Caring: Must genuinely care for the masses, should be a messenger and put people before self
  • Charismatic: Should have an infectious aura that is warm and friendly; and a good listener.
  • Upright: Must be honest, accountable and trusted.