A bad military administration is worse than a raging, uncontrollable mob and an armed robber. In politics, he destroys and kills and guards himself with his arms. In social systems, he destroys and demolishes and stands armed on the tower ready for the worst to happen to whosoever may lift up his voice or his head...

Gen Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria's former military ruler and later civilian President; In his book - "This Animal Called man".

Actfast Objectives

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  1. To provide an independent/citizens led platform for Nigerians living abroad to connect with the foreign affairs ministry, the Diaspora and foreign affairs committees of the Senate and Federal House of Representative as well as the Nigeria missions worldwide.
  2. Provide an avenue for Nigerian professionals abroad to come together and network for the good of Nigerians and humanity.
  3. To stand up for and speak for any Nigerian under any form of austere treatment by foreign countries in getting immediate justice and quick involvement by Nigerian government.
  4. To work with the all organs of the Nigerian government and international community to create attractive environment for Nigerians abroad to bring their passion and knowledge into creating a Nigerian dream. This will include leveraging the huge potential that Nigerian expert can bring to the table of our brotherhood.
  5. Actfast will help entrepreneurs to develop new understanding of the local environment and acquire needed skills to be able to replicate laudable best practices in all areas of business, social enterprise and community activism for the benefit Nigerians.
  6. To enable Nigerians become notable contributors to global peace and prosperity through the reactivation of the well known African community and kindred spirit.