Buhari Nominates Oshibajo As Running Mate

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In an apparent move to satisfy Ahmed Bola Tinubu, Presidential candidate

of All Progressive Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari, has nominated ,

 former Attorney-General of Lagos State,Yemi Osibajo, as his running mate,

 in the incoming 2015 election.

The APC had in several days now been locked in a battle of who becomes

 Buhari’s running mate. While the APC Presidential candidate wanted Tinubu

 to nominate his running mate, other party faithfuls kicked.

 Tinubu, according to party insiders, had projected three names, with

 himself, his wife, Senator Remi Tinubu, and former commissioner for

 justice in Lagos State, Pastor Yemi Osinbajo. All three were rejected by

 party stakeholders and Buhari.


Buhari and his associates were said to have turned down Professor Osinbajo

 on account of what one source said was his lack of electoral weight.

The nomination of Oshibajo by Buhari is coming a day to the deadline to

 submit his nomination form to the Independent National Electoral

 Commission (INEC), following long days meetings over who best fits for his

 vice-presidential candidate.

Oshibajo according to insiders became the preferred choice because of a

 protest by Tinubu which was considered dangerous to the unity and success

 of the party.

Tinubu, sources told Pointblanknews.com is now at loggerhead with Governor

 Rotimi Amaechi and Senator Bukola Saraki who were in the forefront of

 blocking his nomination.

Oshibajo’s choice is mainly to placate Tinubu, according to an APC chieftain.

“We have to find a way of calming down nerves. As you know, the national

 leader have not been happy with the way things played out over the Vice

 President slot and so to make peace, since we didn’t want his candidacy,

 we rather gave it to one of his choices,” an APC source told


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