I have done lots of work with the previous president of Nigeria while I was in the office and all of Africa and we know that without Nigeria fulfilling its potentials and exacting its leadership, it will be greatly difficult for the whole of Africa

Tony Blair. Former British Premiere during his recent visit to Nigeria

The Dream

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Arise Nigeria Dream

We dream of a nation that works and of a society that is healed. We see a country where there is:

National orientation:

  • Zero tolerance to Corruption at all levels.
  • Accountability at all levels.
  • Elimination of bureaucratic red tapes in public service.
  • Institutionalized Maintenance culture.
  • Operational Quality Control in all spheres of national Service.

Leadership development:

  • Leadership programmes coupled to the educational system to nurture young and dynamic leaders to pilot affairs of the state.

Educational system:

  • Uninterrupted University and Polytechnic calendar
  • A functional and modern educational system.
  • ICT education compulsory from primary schools.
  • National programme to drives research for national development in the Universities, polytechnics and colleges.

Science and Technology:

  • Invest in made in Nigeria technology.
  • Establish Nigeria version of NASA
  • Develop computer components manufacturing companies
  • Invest in technology acquisition
  • Invest in solar and wind energy.

Foreign Service and Diaspora Affairs:

  • Foreign missions with the right environment that reflects the totality of our national heritage, cultures and investment opportunities.
  • Foreign Service that is responsive to the needs of Nigerians in the Diaspora.
  • A well funded national project to ensure that Nigerians in Diaspora participate in Nation building.

Business environment and technological development:

  • Export of made in Nigeria goods and Technology
  • A total ban on contractors using substandard material in executing public projects.
  • 24/7 power supply.
  • Development of alternative energy technology

Transport, Environment and Housing:

  • Where the transport system works for the people and is modern with strict licensing policy.
  • Environmental protection and nurturing with good sanitation, planting of flowers, well maintained gardens and parks.
  • Modern housing projects for all citizens.

Arts and Culture:

  • Private sector investment in Film and Music industry to promote Nigerian art and culture for the benefit of especially the future generation.