A bad military administration is worse than a raging, uncontrollable mob and an armed robber. In politics, he destroys and kills and guards himself with his arms. In social systems, he destroys and demolishes and stands armed on the tower ready for the worst to happen to whosoever may lift up his voice or his head...

Gen Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria's former military ruler and later civilian President; In his book - "This Animal Called man".

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Our Mission

Mission Statement

  • To work towards the emergence of a new breed of Nigerian leaders who are truely committed to being accountable to the people.
  • To bring dignity to Nigeria and Nigerians through good governance and make the country an attractive place for everyone to visit, live and invest in.


  • Mobilise the Nigerian people to take ownership of the political machinery
  • Seek New Leadership Talents
  • Motivate credible and honest people without Godfathers to take up leadership