Is this organisation a political movement?

Arisenigeria is a non-partisan organisation comprising politically conscious and progressive thinking Nigerians who believe in the Nigerian Dream where everything works - a country where all citizens are valued and their lives protected. We aim to mobilise, educate and energise Nigerians to become politically aware and to help identify and enable transparent grassroot/community leaders seek political offices.

What is arisenigeria’s Vision/Mission/aim?

The vision is about a citizens movement that will ensure that the people’s ownership of Nigeria’s political machinery through a process of identifying community leaders/champions.

  • We seek to create a movement that will become the catalyst for change, for national reformation/rebirth.
  • Our aim is to seek out people who in their every day life are leading their communities creditably towards a productive end for all members of those communities.
  • We aim to encourage such grassroot leaders to aspire to political leadership at the Local, State and Federal levels irrespective of party affiliations.
  • We are alarmed at the lack of ownership of the Nigerian state by Nigerians, the widening gap between leaders and the people,  and the state of our National institutions in a 21st century world – a world that is knowledge based and knowledge led.
  • We believe there could not be a better time than now to move forward forcefully, but purposefully towards laying the structural foundation in governance for national development.
Who are the people behind your organisation?

We are ordinary Nigerians who believe that Nigeria can work again. Please go to About Us page for more information. Our experience spans politics, human right campaigns, civil right movements, activism, Legal practice, brand management, community development, human resource management, information technology, and project management. We have scores of volunteers who have enlisted to support us

So many pro-democracy movements have been formed...

No! Why? Because our structure and strategy are sustainable with the philosophy of ‘Fix the Problem and Fix the Blame later’. ICT would play a very vital part in our service delivery for optimal results.  This would enable us network and reach out to a wider audience timorously.

2011 is around the corner, how do you intend to carry

2011 is around the corner, how do you intend to carry out these changes in such a short time?

We intend to achieve the desired change by re-orienting Nigerians in Nigeria and all over the world through mass publication & public enlightenment using the latest ICT tools rapidly and consistently.  Forums such as Facebook, MySpace, youtube and other Nigeria specific web forums would be intensively utilised to get our messages across to our target audience.  Nigerians must surely arise and take ownership of their country and their future.  Our target is however not 2011, it is only another milestone in our journey towards a better Nigeria. We are working towards a paradigm shift which will be gradual but steady.

I want to join the movement, what are the criteria?

I want to join the movement, what are the criteria and how do I mobilise and organise people in my community where I live?

In all cases, we carry out a compulsory check on those willing to serve at the level of Country Reps and in the case of Nigeria, State Reps. Our secretariat in UK will follow up on other administrative packages. The most important requirement is your belief in the Nigerian Dream

What makes you different from other non governmental associations ..

What makes you different from other non governmental associations, human right groups, web campaigners and civil societies?

We already dealt with this earlier!

In what ways would arisenigeria champion the cause of Nigerians in Diaspora?

In what ways would arisenigeria champion the cause of Nigerians in Diaspora?

One of the tools we aim to deploy in championing the cause of our brethren in Diaspora is Actfast. This is a sub-organ of arisenigeria whose main focus would be:

  1. To be a united voice for Nigerians living abroad
  2. Provide an avenue for Nigerian professionals abroad to amalgamate and network for the good of Nigerians and humanity.
  3. To act as a catalyst to any Nigerian under any austere treatment by foreign countries in getting immediate justice and quick involvement by Nigerian government.
  4. To work with the all organs of the Nigerian government and international community to create attractive environment for Nigerians abroad to invest in Nigeria. Actfast will encourage entrepreneurs to develop new skills; or replicate laudable best practices in all areas of social enterprise and community activism for the benefit Nigerians and all humanity.
  5. To enable Nigerians become notable contributors to global peace and prosperity through the reactivation of the well known African community and kindred spirit.
How do you intend to achieve The Nigerian Dream?

The Nigerian Dream is the story of where we want to be; a place where patriotism is at the apogee of all facet of our national life. To achieve this we need a social campaign to cascade this concept targeting our leaders in politics, business, academia, organised labour, civil and human right community, religious organisations, traditional institutions and the students.  It is only when governance is people oriented and corruption is eradicated that change can come from the top.  Our strategy is to get new and dynamic leaders who believe in this dream to seek for political positions. We will also work towards influencing attitudinal change by developing campaigns that will promote discipline and patriotism.

Nigerians believe that they don’t deserve the treatment given to them by their leaders and the consistent image battering by the international communities.  The Nigerian Dream will be a creed like an anthem that will be recited in schools and homes; a process that will set targets for our students and our leaders respectively.

Are there any lessons from the change that took place in America in November 2008?

Yes indeed. We were all inspired by the Change in America; we reasoned that if it is possible for an Obama of African origin to be in the White house then it is possible to “reboot” Nigeria all over. We practically tracked the Obama campaign from the very start and saw how possible an idea could be a mega brand in a very short time. The Nigerian Dream is a good brand we believe every Nigeria needs and will buy if found on a shelf. The Change in the US has created a desire of want and possibility to Nigerians; every Nigerian leader pretends to mimic the Obama slogan – Yes We Can! It may be a wishful thinking, but Nigerians can turn it into reality that will induce the much needed paradigm shift in Nigeria’s political evolution.  Nigerians are hungry and gearing up for change.

The Nigerian youths believes that one day someone will not only give excuses for

The Nigerian youths believes that one day someone will not only give excuses for our failure and will drive change. Are we going to see that day?

Yes, we would. Let us use one of Nigeria’s success stories for illustration purposes. The emergence of Nollywood: You can see the thread of the Nigerian Dream imbedded in this concept. A brand that is truly Nigerian has been created and acknowledged worldwide. Few people saw it coming, they worked at it and now the rest is history……..Nollywood have set standards for a lot of people and it is improving….. In the same vein, arisenigeria would tap into the ‘can do’ spirit and attitude of Nigerians and drive the change from within. That day is now.

How can the youths be the change agents?

The youths are the first point of call for any civil action because they make up the abiding energy of our society and the collective vision and dream of our tomorrow. Politicians have taken advantage of their peculiar situations to use and dump them. The moment the youths take their own destiny in their hands and refuse to take orders from these exploitative individuals, it then becomes possible to reduce election violence and rigging. We will start seeing the emergence of credible elected people. On the other hand when these youths are encouraged to take up leadership, we will be assured of a paradigm shift from our image materialism based polity. Our leaders will compete with other nations, in all sphere of life. This is the kind of burning desire we hope to inspire in the psyche of the Nigerian youth.

Do you think a revolution will bring an instant remedy to our situation?

Yes, positive non-violent revolution. Nigerians can insist that they want to know how their state governors spend federal government allocated funds. How projects are awarded and completed. Nigerians could get together and take any erring LGA chairman, State Governor etc to court for abuse and looting.  By the time dossiers on these officers and their loots are challenged then we will begin a genuine non-violent revolution.

The judiciary is working at least as the most vibrant of the three of government;  Nigerians could help this very important institution sustain this momentum of change. A revolution is only possible when there is a unity of purpose and a collective action plan. Execution should be sustained and consistent to create an impact.

Are you receiving any grant/subvention from the Nigerian government?

No! We intend to finance this project by reaching out to Nigerians everywhere in the globe to subscribe to our ideals and make a monthly, quarterly and annual donation or as convenient for their situations.

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