Arisenigeria Agenda

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We aim to work as a pressure group with pro-democracy organisations both within Nigeria and worldwide to continue to push for the deepening of democracy beyond its electoral form in Nigeria. This will involve, amongst other things:

  • communicating democratic ideals and values to Nigerians of all works of life including in the local languages and through all available media;
  • campaigning for the strengthening of judicial and legislative institutions, as well as other agencies to hold state power accountable;
  • ensuring the equal status and full participation of women at all levels of governance in Nigeria;
  • empowering marginalized groups to become partners in the restructuring of the Nigerian state into a truly Federal state where all citizens see themselves equal;
  • empowering and encouraging grassroot communities through pro-democracy advocacy and education;
  • securing fundamental individuals rights, especially freedom of association;
  • ensuring that all Nigerians who work non-violently for the democratic transformation of Nigeria are provided the space and resources needed for their task;
  • empowering democratic governance at all local levels of the society including, but not limited to voters education and mobilisation;
  • cultivating democratic values and beliefs amongst all citizens;
  • working with citizens and organisations with interest in the promotion of democracy in Nigeria.

Human Right, Conflict Resolution and Anti-corruption:

  • improving protection for human rights and the rule of law in Nigeria and for all Nigerians both at home in the Diaspora;
  • advocacy for and upholding the right to life by all Nigerians and through the use of lawful  means ensure that security agents, governments and/or their agents who engage in extra-judicial killings of Nigerians are held to account in accordance with international laws.
  • building networks with human right activists, journalists and institutions in Nigeria and beyond to leverage strengths and increase impact;
  • Identifying cases of abuse of citizens’ rights by security agencies and their operatives and working to ensure appropriate sanctions and compensation to affected citizens.
  • Setting up a network to specifically work with Nigeria Police to ensure that  the police truly becomes the friend of the people as commonly displayed at police stations in Nigeria;
  • securing fundamental workers rights, especially freedom of association;
  • mounting anti- corruption campaigns, working with relevant National organizations like the EFCC and ICPC to ensure that corrupt individuals are prosecuted and the guilty appropriate sanctioned;
  • promoting transparency in government business ;
  • setting up platforms for conflict resolution and mediation amongst Nigeria’s political class through the spirit and mechanisms of democracy, instead of the use of force as a tool of settling political disputes;
  • All such matters relating to the human rights of Nigerians where ever their place of abode.

Welfare and Social Development

  • Empowering Nigeria's educational systems through Diaspora contributions and development of exchange programmes with foreign educational institutions;
  • Empowering youths development through vocational, skill and enterprise promotion;
  • Examine government’s commitment in reforming the power industry;
  • Monitor the attainment of 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) especially the reduction of Child Mortality, eradication of Poverty and Hunger, attainment of Universal Primary Education, Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Improve Maternal Health;
  • Develop operational models for an alternative health policy that will provide “health for all” without payment at point of care as well as providing an advocacy platform for this model;
  • Seek practical ways to raise emergency finance and material support for victims of natural disaster of Nigerians at home and Diaspora;
  • Providing platforms including community based microfinance programmes for wealth generation and acquisition of effective entrepreneurial skills especially by youths and women;
  • Develop a programme of a return to land through support for food security and agricultural development in Nigeria;
  • Set up strategic thematic direction for developing and propagating the “brand  Nigeria”;
  • Seek ways to protect our environment by partnering with global agencies on environmental issues.