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Nigeria is land of contrasts, a kaleidoscope of a small minority of super rich in a sea of impoverished citizens with no visible evidence of social and physical support structure provided by the state. Yes, many modern cities dot the national landscape, but with these are slums peopled by the vast majority of the citizens. With a population of about 140 million people (it is widely reported that one in every five African is a Nigerian) and an abundance of natural resources including oil, coupled with the dynamic and go-getting spirit of the people, it should have been taken as given that Nigeria should be amongst the world’s leading nations. It is therefore little wonder that Nigerians can be found literally in every country in the world as they seek to live out the human dream of success. These “Diaspora” Nigerians as they are usually referred to, contribute approximately $10 billion dollars to the national economy through remittance, according to the World Bank and it will not be an exaggeration to say that this contribution is hardly ever acknowledged by the Nigeria Foreign missions that should protect their interest.

Actfast, an organ of arisenigeria is a citizens’ response to this need and aims to fulfil amongst others the following objectives.


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We have identified that when leadership principles and dictums are simplified and made accessible to everyone from secondary school age and above; it becomes easier to grow new orientation. We have therefore structured a project which will give tangible/intangible benefits to Nigerians in the area of capacity building.

We will work towards simplifying the process of teaching good governance and leadership by encouraging people to enroll and achieve qualification in Leadership.

Arisenigeria will source and partner with professional organizations with a track record of training in political leadership and organizational change and Universities on this project. Our aim will be to ensure that the new generation of political leaders is adequately prepared for public offices. Although this course will be moderated by an internal faculty, the selected leaders enrolled into the programme will the sit exams at selected centers in Nigeria.

Community Leader

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The true definition of a community leader is spelt below; we have them in our streets, villages, schools, offices, communities, all over the world. They know how to move things and get things done ironically they are never given the chance.