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Nigeria is land of contrasts, a kaleidoscope of a small minority of super rich in a sea of impoverished citizens with no visible evidence of social and physical support structure provided by the state. Yes, many modern cities dot the national landscape, but with these are slums peopled by the vast majority of the citizens. With a population of about 140 million people (it is widely reported that one in every five African is a Nigerian) and an abundance of natural resources including oil, coupled with the dynamic and go-getting spirit of the people, it should have been taken as given that Nigeria should be amongst the world’s leading nations. It is therefore little wonder that Nigerians can be found literally in every country in the world as they seek to live out the human dream of success. These “Diaspora” Nigerians as they are usually referred to, contribute approximately $10 billion dollars to the national economy through remittance, according to the World Bank and it will not be an exaggeration to say that this contribution is hardly ever acknowledged by the Nigeria Foreign missions that should protect their interest.

Actfast, an organ of arisenigeria is a citizens’ response to this need and aims to fulfil amongst others the following objectives.

Recent Activities

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Below are a list of recent activities Actfast have undertaken.


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SPEECH : Download the London Rally Speech
PETITION : Petition to Bellview Airlines
PROTEST LETTER: Extra-judicial killing, indiscriminate deportation, harassment and extreme torture of Nigerians in Libya under the guise of immigration control by the Libyan security agencies
PETITION : Letter of petition to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
PROTEST LETTER: The Killing of Ekene Ojide in China

Actfast Management

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A council shall be in place to advise and sustain the vision of the organisation and shall comprise the following members. Day to day management of the organisation shall rest with management committee of arisenigeria.

Actfast Key Initiatives

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  • Fastlinks - Linking up Nigerian businesses and supporting genuine Nigerian Businessmen with facts and contacts abroad.

Actfast Objectives

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  1. To provide an independent/citizens led platform for Nigerians living abroad to connect with the foreign affairs ministry, the Diaspora and foreign affairs committees of the Senate and Federal House of Representative as well as the Nigeria missions worldwide.
  2. Membership

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    1. Membership is open to all Nigerians who must belong to or willing to lead a community chapter
    2. A member may apply directly to the organization or be nominated by a member.


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    Arisenigeria believes that if the ordinary Nigerian at the grassroot/community level has economic empowerment, politicians will not use bait to lure them to sell their votes during election. We will encourage the development of our rural communities, their resources and people.

    • Volunteer specialists in development strategies will be recruited to advice on how to develop and utilise these resources with minimal cost.
    • Empowerment programmes through education on the profitable use of readily available local resources including recycling projects as well as agricultural produce will be forcefully driven.
    • The Grassroot section will give resource materials to volunteers to work with and gradually penetrate town meetings, age grades and ward meetings respectively.
    • Conscious effort will also be made to involve secondary and tertiary institutions within the community. We will develop a Political Awareness programme by organising a quarterly essay competition on ‘The Nigerian Dream’.
    • The strategic committee will brainstorm on logistics.
    • An Eco Solution Linked to their page will enable people especially in the rural areas on how best to conserve energy, forest, recycling and highlight what other communities else where in the world are doing.