Actfast Key Initiatives

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  • Fastlinks - Linking up Nigerian businesses and supporting genuine Nigerian Businessmen with facts and contacts abroad.

  • BizSupport - An initiative that will support business enterprise from abroad through consultancy on different fields of endeavour, i.e. working on contract/consultancy bases from abroad. Government institutions, Universities and small/big companies will benefit. It will also bridge the brain drain problem; professionals could now participate at their own convenience and it will naturally create a landing base for those intending to retire to Nigeria.

  • Health and Social Care- So many Nigerians have excelled in this field and this is one area we still can’t connect properly back home. It is possible to set up training centres to award City & Guilds in Social Care likened to NVQ 2, 3&4 and graduates will feed the yearning need for healthcare workers and compliment the work of governments, donor agencies and NGOs.

  • Youth empowerment – setting up vocational training centres to prepare young people for self employment in key areas of the economy for example building and construction industry.

  • Education Link – to develop partnerships with local and international agencies to promote the love of reading amongst young people through school and community libraries development and educational/writing/reading competitions.

  • Health and social support for the elderly and disabled citizens - this programme will be developed and implemented through an established fund set aside from a yearly national fund raising event.