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  • Buhari Welcomes Indian Business Delegation's Plans to Invest U.S.$5 Billion in Nigeria
    [This Day] Abuja -President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday in Abuja welcomed plans by an Indian Business delegation to Nigeria to invest $5 billion in the Nigerian economy.
  • Galaxy Note 7 - Samsung Announces Voluntary Exchange Package for Local Customers
    [This Day] Samsung Electronics West Africa Limited has complied with the ultimatum given to it by the Consumer Protection Council (CPC), which required it to give a status report on the global recall of Galaxy Note 7 phone in Nigeria following reports of explosion of dozens of the device while charging.
  • Nigeria and United Kingdom On Looted Assets
    [Guardian] Nigeria's hope of recovering looted funds and other assets from the United Kingdom will soon be realised, several years after the country had shown, in unmistakable ways, her desire to recover all such assets anywhere they are found across the globe. The other day, Nigeria and Britain signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that provides for the mechanism and modalities by which assets looted from Nigeria but found their way to the United Kingdom would be returned to the country. Although, the actual re
  • More Nigerians Will Die of Cancer, Stroke Than Malaria, HIV By 2023
    [This Day] Abuja -A new report entitled: 'Dissemination of Research Findings Programme Agenda and Analysis of Non-Communicable Diseases Prevention Policies in Africa' inaugurated by African health scientists said deaths from non-communicable diseases, particularly, cancer, stroke, diabetes, hypertension among others will increase in Nigeria in the next seven years.
  • Obasanjo - Govt Needs to Spend Less, Earn More, Borrow Way Out of Recession
    [This Day] Abuja and Abeokuta -Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday made a number of recommendations to the federal government as the surest way of getting out of the current economic downturn, saying that the government needs to spend less, earn more, and borrow its way out of the recession.


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